Komodo Tour Flores is the largest giant lizard on this planet. It has become one of the attractions of the world in Komodo National Park. This cannibal beasts live in two places, Komodo and Rinca islands. The name “Komodo island” is very familiar to people around the world. For those who like traveling will certainly not miss these islands as a must visit destination. These very beautiful exotic islands offer you various kinds of leisure activities, like trekking , tours, snorkeling, beaching and diving. Diving in some world class diving spots and witnessing the remains of some preserved ancient relics will be your unforgettable pleasure and experience. www.komodotoursflores.com is offering you some komodo tour packages to assist you in exploring the beauty of Komodo National Park in any leisure activities, either just to see the dragons or to swim, snorkel, beach and dive.


Rinca Island